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    SOLD Never Used Custom Phenix 9’ 3” Jig Stick

    Jimmy’s / Wiseguy work is friccin CLEAN. One of the best.. SICC TIGER
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    For Sale Hand Made Wood Tackle Box

    Sold ? I’ll take if Kenny passes
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    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Rest in Peace Jerry Esten:hali_olutta:
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    San Diego The show will go on @San Diego Tackle Traders

    Greetings SDTT... I’m looking for a bamboo lift pole w/ a pig tail. Have one for sale ?
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    SOLD 4Sale Seeker F100 Blue blank $250

    greetings tailhunter42 Mission Viejo not interested in trades. need funds too get couple rods wrapped
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    SOLD 4Sale Seeker F100 Blue blank $250

    Bought from Freddy at Island tackle 10ft paid $250 asking $250 949 3777817 text is best Located in OC