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    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

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    Bitchen shirt and shorts for BIG GUYS!

    If you are like me and wish many of the local brands out here would make cool stuff in our sizes, then wait no more!! (Well actually you still have to wait a little longer) After seeing yet another local brand not offer sizes for guys built like myself, I decided to have them made myself! The...
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    My first tuna for the year!

    Your cats will love you!
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    Kids and Cuda

    You made her eat barracuda??
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    Flat Fall jigs

    This is what you need
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    Catalina Exacta

    Any shots of the 32#?
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    Looking for an ulua

    You still have this one? How much?
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    FS: Seeker Ulua with FUJI SIC

    is this still available???
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    Roll Call: Intrepid 6 day July 17-23

    Anyone on this trip coming up this Sunday? Super excited to get out on the water!
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    Full Scoop ONLY...

    The part I can't get over is that you made barracuda ceviche, blahhhhh!
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    Seeking a deck hand with good knownledge

    I can dial it in for the mola bite no problem!