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    Rpt-SCI-12-02-10 Slow Start, good ending!

    Merry Christmas buddy and can i add that those rojos where toads. Very nice!
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    San Diego Rock Fishing

    The best rocks are all gone, the old guys got them allready!
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    Prince Edward Island....Land Of GIANTS!!!

    Thats rad! I went back and looked at the pictures like 10 times. I can only dream of a trip like that at this point but i will do one before my time is over! Thanks for sharing such a cool expierience,,,the release just make this moment that much cooler.
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    Short Lobster Fine

    Ouch...Sorry to hear of the bad luck!
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    Mexican Navy 10/01

    Chupacabra fo sure i seen it!
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    unattended rods on 1.5 day boat

    I allways leave my rod at the rail so no one takes my spot. Hell sometimes i leave my buddy there to gaurd it while i run back to get the bait!:D
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    Oside Flattie Report 9/25

    Very nice rick, great to see one of your repoerts, tight lines>
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    43 and DFG 9-24

    Maybe hes used to bossing his boyfriend around like that! Sounds like a homo,,,,oops did i say that out loud. 69R
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    unattended rods on 1.5 day boat

    The bow is my home. Nice and quite upthere.......:D
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    unattended rods on 1.5 day boat

    Most boats wont even let you cast over your back unless your expierienced and its probably a good thing but i dont see that this boat or its crew did anything wrong. Most guys bring between 4-5 rods on a trip like that and its pretty common for it to get a bit cayotic depending on how...
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    Lobster Hooping for Dummies

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    Bait problems at the Hidden

    I think you nailed it. Gonna try this myself,,,maybe i can cut the costs of the power bill aswell. LOL thannks for the tip:hali_olutta:
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    Where were you? (9/11)

    First of all i would like to say god bless all the people affected families included on this day. I think it touched us all. I was working for scripps Memorial hospital La Jolla on this morning and was just about to do pass down to the next shift before i heard the report. Very somber moment...