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    Stolen Boat 3.22 SF Bay Area

    Nice boat! Kool pilot house.
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    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Leave out of Shelter Cove and 45 miles out! Interesting thread!!!! Never caught one, tried though.
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    Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    Is that Sea Keeper as good as they advertise! Looks pretty heavy!
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    21 Gregor

    Nice boat! I had a 22 Bayrunner! $50.00 in gas and I owned the ocean! Now! It’s a chore just getting the boat ready to go!
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    Help identifying this fish

    You can kind of tell by his tail Finn! BSB! You must’ve been close to the kelp beds! They pull really hard! You can catch them near the ship! That’s a really small one. Can’t keepem though.
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    Bodega tuna run Thursday

    Wow! I really need to get out there! 50nm that’s a nice run!
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    Last 3 Days out the Gate

    I lived across the street from the launch ramp and loved it! Nice marina and straight through raccoon straight and out the gate! Nice job! Twins usually keep you out front!! Love those twins!
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    Friday 13th HMB tuna

    Excellent report!
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    Fishing the Banks On the Delta (2 Parts)

    There’s a Pier right next to the Rio Vista draw bridge if all else fails.
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    Do I really need a washdown pump?

    Wellcraft wiring is horrible! Pretty much an entire wiring job is the first step to owning one. Washdown pump is pretty much a necessity! I have 3 pumps and a fish recirculating pump!
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    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    May leave one engine running while drifting, but silence is one of the beauty of being offshore! Cut that shit off, I’m dying from the fumes!!!!! I maintain my boat to ensure it’s reliability! If not BoatUSA is there to drag my ass in! Never required them and shutting that shit down is...
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    Opinions on Thresher boats

    26 with an integrated offshore bracket for twins? Walk around pilot house and a flushable shitter? And a 200 gallon fuel tank or at least 180 gallons! How much Sir?