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    what type of alcohol additive for 2 stroke

    I don't think you should be drinking alcohol if you have had two strokes...
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    20lb getting bit or roll the dice.

    Bring a 20lb setup. I was fishing #4 hooks on a 2.5 day trip over the weekend and did not lose a fish. The YF were 15-25lb and were not real interested in 30lb. Just make sure you have something that can cast a dean away from the boat.
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    Anybody know how much of a discount Avet typically sells its blems for?
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    5.56 ammo question

    A better trigger will also tighten the groups. Get to reloading though. 55g Hornady FMJ's shoot great out of all my AR's.
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    next in line for the SS
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    Offshore Big Bird scores limits on YFT

    Footballs just in time for football season. Loading up the smoker with YTD and DoDo in two hours.
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    Saltiga 40 and Calstar 870c

    Now with pics of the Calstar
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    Saltiga 40 and Calstar 870c

    For sale is a Diawa Saltiga 40 and Calstar 870C. Saltiga has now sat unused for 3 years collecting dust. Reel comes with original box, reel bag, papers and wrench. It is spooled with 65lb Spectra. I forgot what topshot is on the reel, but you will probably want to replace it anyway. Little...