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    San Quintin, 9-1 & 2 , yellowfins

    Hope it holds through October!
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    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    The OP is obviously an ocean raping asshole and he's getting everything he deserves!
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    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    I only kept 5. The rest were given to people with short bags, mainly the people seasick in the cabin from the rough seas. I'll make sure in the future to only post pictures with the fish I kept. Newbie mistake I guess.
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    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    My freezer was empty. I haven't fished offshore since last August. If it was the middle of summer and I had some table fare left over, these would of obviously been released. I thought the point of these reports was to let fellow anglers know what is going on offshore. There were 37 people on...
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    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    Saw the great numbers put up by the fleet on Friday and decided to hop onboard the Malihini today for a 3/4 day offshore trip. Captain Mike and crew worked their butts off as usual. I have to admit, I've never had much luck on this boat. Been out with them a couple times but never had that great...
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    Shared charter between May 28th and June 2nd

    Looking to see if there are any other BD fisherman that are going to be in Puerto Vallarta/Nueva Vallarta in the end of May and have interest in splitting a charter. I'm down to fish inshore/offshore but am on a pretty tight budget so an offshore adventure is going to take a few people splitting...
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    Wacked them at the Coronado Islands on the San Diego 3/4 day

    I moved down to SD last June. I was beat after trip and the drive to Mission Hills was bad enough!
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    Wacked them at the Coronado Islands on the San Diego 3/4 day

    Just got home from a great 3/4 day trip on the San Diego. Got to the Rockpile just after 9am. The Yellowtail showed up in force eating both live bait and surface iron. One guy on the boat was crushing the yo yo as well. After a little more than an hour the bite died and Ryan started heading...
  11. San Diego 3/4 day07/18

    San Diego 3/4 day07/18