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    She's Gone

    I'm waiting for that feeling listing mine today and feeling your pain. We've killed lots of fish on her!
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    2005 Robalo 235WA For Sale

    Yamaha 250 with 650 hours. 2013Yamaha T9.9 kicker with controls and steering at the helm. 125 gallon fuel tank, 3 insulated fish boxes and two more with macerators. Electronics are Raymarine C80. Wired for Scotties and has 2 Taco Outriggers. Full custom cover. Porclain head and refridgerator...
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    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    I know, but better then someone else smearing in our face he's going hali fishing when we can't
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    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    Shut suck! Plus i think theres a ferry next to the meeting location. Might be tough getting home though.
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    Carpool to Edmonds PSA From Tukwila

    Let me know if interested in carpool to PSA Thursday. Kevin Lanier will be talking tuna. I've got room for three. Leave Starbucks about 5:30.
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    Lapush close-out

    Thanks for sharing your report. Great to see your kids out there also.
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    Glad I stayed home

    No restrictions. I waited left about 6, turned the corner went over 2 or 3 12ft plus back to back and turned around. Sunday they closed the bar. There were breakers past the red buoy.
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    Looking for a parking spot Between Elma or Hoquim next week

    Looking for someplace to park my little brothers car between Elma and Hoquim. He's driving form Coos Bay Oregon to fish La Push next week. I live in Covington, trying to save him some time on his trip home Sunday morning from La Push. We'd like to drop it off about Tuesday in time to make the...
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    Sno-King PSA: Jambo & Ron Garner on Halibut

    Got a couple seats leaving Tukwila about 5:30.
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    Sonar explained in detail-Steve Chamberlain Oct 8, win Scotty High Speed 2106 DR worth $700

    We have a carpool leaving from Tukwila around 5:30. Will have at least one open seat.
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    Tuna Thursday 8-27

    Thanks Steve, it was a great day! My phone died, here's a picture.
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    open seats tuna thursday

    An epic day! Thanks for the ride, had a blast. Now on to cleaning and processing for the rest of the day.