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    SOLD Seeker Blue Lightening Inshore Series II

    Interested, where are you located?
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    SOLD Trini 14 gold

    I’m interested, send me some better pics thru PM. Thx
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    WTB Garmin 17x or 19x nmea 2000

    I have a 17x NMEA for sale.
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    WTB Shimano torsa 16n-16

    I got both you’re looking for in BNIB. Considering selling.
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    For Sale Mixed rods come get them

    PM sent for Seeker Inshore 706
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    WTB Livingston 14 Center Console

    I got a small Livingston console for sale. Comes with steering wheel and cable.
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    SOLD Shimano Trevala Jigging Rod TVC-66M

    I’m interested, where you located?
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    Icom M604 VHF

    For those who are still interested, I have a M602 for sale. It’s pretty much the same unit with same features as the M604. Unit is in good working condition. PM me for pics. Asking $150
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    Any chance you still have that Airslot for sale?

    Any chance you still have that Airslot for sale?
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    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 300HL $60

    Just texted you...
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    SOLD livingston 14 windshield

    Really? You gonna regret not having it in the cold mornings.
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    WTB Shimano Torsa

    I also have a couple of “New in the box” Torsas 16 and 16N . Like the guy above, not letting it... PM me with an offer.