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    Eurasian Hunt 7/28. Brawley / Calipatria.

    Started out the morning at the grain pile just outside the city limits of Calipatria. Absolutely full of life, but the only problem was that the sky was full of Mourning and White Wing dove, with the normal share of Euros in between. I only took no brainer shots at the birds just to make sure...
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    New to SOCAL, looking for pheasant

    To be honest, I've had extremely good luck in the cut alfalfa and abandoned fields outside and around Calexico the last three years. I have yet to come across a dry field, speaking in terms of roosters, but that may just be good fortune. I would bet on that for opening day. One pointer I would...
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    Eurasian dove hunting....

    I am headed down tomorrow to hunt Eurasian in and around Brawley / El Centro / Calipatria. Hopefully do some scouting for opening day too. Ill post about the trip.
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    Offshore 8/1/15 - Offshore Lifestyle

    Baby Killer! just kiddin... buut they are pretty damn small :rofl:
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    Offshore YFT & YT mexican waters

    sorry for taking so long to respod but that is exactly the bird. Straight, long dives into the water.
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    Offshore YFT & YT mexican waters

    Left shelter island around 4:45 with three guys, looking to get into some action with the tuna or yellow tail, not being too picky. Got out to 371 and spotted a patty after a little while with all the 2 and 3 pound tails you could want. Kept the four biggest, after about twenty or so, and headed...
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    Fish ID help on a fish that never got caught

    I've seen porpoise strip line in 15 seconds flat, might of been but kinda doubt it
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    Coronado FMM?

    Thank you, much appreciated
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    Coronado FMM?

    I do know that it is required but if anyone could explain the situation that would be great. Better to learn now before heading out again
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    Offshore 182 to 9 bank for nothing

    63-65 varying. 65 was rather constant at the nine
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    Offshore 182 to 9 bank for nothing

    got to bait at 630 for solid dines. Weather rolled and stayed bad through the day, continuing to get a little worse as things went on. Came up on three dry paddies and then came up on a solid streak of about 300 terns following what looked like a pod of porpoise. Trolled around it, even marked...
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    Diving Point Loma

    LOBSTER! haha nice pics though, super cool.
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    Yellow December (Video) 12/7/2014

    Freakin insane. Good to hear that all this is still happening on december 7th! blazin!!!:Death_To_Above:
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    cortez bank question

    Agreed with adequate vessel. Going out on boats that aren't truly sea worthy is how people go missing. Tails up:cheers:
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    36.3 lb YT of N la Jolla

    I did on the VHF. Yes