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    limits on premier 10-1....again

    I was there! Great day on the water! All the "mid-size" yellows you wanted, perfect weather, great Captain and crew, couldn't have asked for more.
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    A Good Week in Cabo

    Awesome! Wife n I will be down Cabo way first weeks of May. Can't wait!
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    3.5 day Sea Adventure 80

    Jeff's right! First day: weather sucked! Second day: paddy hopin' for rat yellows, few tuna, couple of skippies. Third day:Morning dodo's on a nice paddy to start the day! Bettter size yt's! Good boat, good Captain and crew, Good trip!
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    New Rod Finished

    Clean, neat, understated, shweeeet!!!!
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    Abalone with Tre-lek-ees on the side please!

    I bet that thing really pops in the sunlight! Nicely done.
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    Qwikie 760M

    It take me an hour just to get my head out of my ass, much less wrap a rod! Nicely done!
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    MXL Comments (single speed)

    Abso-fuckin'-lutely!!! I have 3 MXLs and 14 Avets total!
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    275lb tuna in the boat in less than 30sec

    That shit happens to me all the time (in my wettest dream!)
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    Ultimate calico rod... List your favorite two

    Calstar GX8 Rainshadow RCLB 80XL
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    Is it real or is it "Faux"?

    Its like a pair of big fake tits... You know they're fake, but "DAAAMMNN!!!"
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    Punta Chivato Dorado are here!!!

    There's fish in those pictures??? :ashamed:
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    Rainshadow livebait/jig blanks

    I wrapped an RCLB80xl, put an avet SX on it and have absolutely killed the albies/YFT on 20# with it! :2gunsfiring_v1: These blanks are the real deal!!!
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    Sleep Now In the Fire

    Great tune... Sweet rod!!!