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    FS penn VISX 12 16 & 20

    Sent you a PM on the 16 - Thanks!
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    Dingy/Motor For Sale

    bhatch submitted a new listing: Dingy/Motor For Sale - Dingy/Motor For Sale Learn more about this listing...
  3. Dingy/Motor For Sale - SOLD

    Southern California Dingy/Motor For Sale - SOLD

    Delphinus DA290 with Tohatsu 6HP, Four Stroke outboard - SOLD Dinghy is 9'6" long, 5'2" wide and has inflatable keel and floor (Not a RIB), 990 lbs capacity and aprox 85lbs packed. Sale includes dingy oars, foot pump, 3 PFDs, small grappling anchor with chain/rode in storage bag, engine stand...
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    Colonello Memorial 10/24 – 11/3/2021: “we just might have been there yesterday”… or “here comes the son”…

    Fun write up Steve - makes me itchy for next year! Fun group of folks and nice variety of fishing. Excel as a whole really pulled the rabbit out of the hat compared to what we were hearing from the other boats - really great operation A to Z. Great meeting and fishing with you and Evin!
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    Wahoo Set-Up

    Actually fished Excel a number of times and caught a number of wahoo on it. I like the extra beam, lower freeboard, and a less severe sheer line towards the bow which makes the bow area (to me) better than some other boats I’ve been on. Never been bothered by the bait wells, not fishing the...
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    Wahoo Set-Up

    Thanks everyone for suggestions and input! Will "force" him into using the Tib 6 and yep, a little practice and start with a lob working up to a longer cast should be the hot ticket. He's never caught a wahoo and really hoping he hooks into one.....want to see him run the decks after that skinny...
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    Wahoo Set-Up

    On the Excel....
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    Wahoo Set-Up

    Leaving on a 10 day a week from tomorrow and having a buddy join me. He's a good freshwater fisherman but fairly new to the saltwater scene. he has a few set-ups to cover him on light/medium bait and I've got some stuff to loan him for heavier applications . The biggest hole in his set-ups would...
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    **Tiburon sst 30**

    Good big tuna reel and the auto shift also makes a heckuva heavy dropper loop reel.
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    Wahoonista Question

    Jig Strike.... "Which one do you like better?" Great question and that's where I'm them both! Gut sense is that the Monster might be a little light in the tip and although I may lose a little distance with the Predator it might give a better hook set and have more gonads on the...
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    Wahoonista Question

    Recently pulled the trigger on a Trinidad 40N and bouncing around what rod to use it with. Due to already having both of these rods, I'd really like to limit my decision between a 8' GUSA Monster (rated 30-60) or a 7'6" GUSA Predator (rated 50-80). Pretty much going to be for wahoo using bombs...
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    Offshore Limits On The Tribute 8/13

    On our way back to port on the Tomahawk, Johnny (chef) made poke from skipjack and I have to admit it was great! Took a couple home and did the same thing and very tasty. Handed off some to friends and they all agreed that it wasn't fishy at all. The key is to really trim it up well - get all of...
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    Overnight vs 1.5 Day San Diego

    We had a good day and more importantly fun day...28 yellowfin, 3 dodo's and 23 skipjack. Would have put more fish on the boat but we had to leave a really good bite due to it being an overnighter. Just another really good reason to go with a 1.5. Everyone got to pull on a fish and all things...
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    Overnight vs 1.5 Day San Diego

    I chartered Tomahawk for an overnight with friends/family just this last Saturday (Friday night departure, Saturday night return). Majority of the folks aboard were newbies and the boat, crew and food were stellar. Afterwards I spoke with everyone aboard about extending it next year to a 1.5...
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    Shimano Stella 14k

    It was a while ago so certainly wouldn't swear to how much line I got on. Probably my better answer should have been "enough". I've personally never had a capacity issue with the reel although everyone's comfort level varies as it relates to yardage....