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    Paying the Tip?

    Add the $600+ on your credit card when you do your final payment. When you closeout the trip there will be a credit on your tab. Make the appropriate adjustments with the Captain upon departure.
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    Lacrosse boots on Sale.

    Green and Black
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    Lacrosse boots on Sale.

    These are the ones I have, ordered around Thanksgiving but they were out of stock in my size, so when I returned them my size was out of stock, received them in February well worth the wait. Hot tip order two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. Order one size bigger! They take returns...
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    Reaper butt grip question

    Here's a video from Rod Builder Darin Doi that might be helpful on the install (See Attached link below) 310Rodworks Hyperlon install
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    100# Rail and Back-up Kite Setup

    Your on the right track perfect setup and as a backup up kite rig too
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    Does Anyone Else Drag Mono ?

    Keep a torpedo sinker in your pocket, so when you need to do a quick straighten up on a stop, just put it on your hook and let her drop!
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    Basil topshots- Momoi Hi- Catch Monofilament- 80-100-130- 150 -200lb

    I got them from a friend a few years ago? I had them stored indoors in my top shot bag .
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    Basil topshots- Momoi Hi- Catch Monofilament- 80-100-130- 150 -200lb

    Basil topshots- Momoi Hi- Catch Monofilament- 80-100-130-150-200lb $15ea can ship at your cost! (4) #80 x 100' SOLD (3) #100 x 100' SOLD (15) (13) #130 x 100' (2) #150 x 100' SOLD (2) #200 X 100' SOLD Momoi's Hi-Catch nylon monofilament is an extremely high quality line produced using...
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    Cow Reels

    I fish an Accurate ATD 30 and a PENN VISX 20- The Okuma Makira 20 would be a reel I would use that I don't own. I've seen plenty of Jumbo's caught on that reel too.
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    Sport Boat Mayday Today?

    Charter was canceled due to unknown mechanical issues?
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    Neoprene Reel covers

    Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside has every size for you
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    Best charity/charities for donating primo long range tackle?
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    Masks or no masks.

    The truth is every boat has COVID-19 rules for you to follow prior to boarding the vessel. Every trip I have been on this year they followed the rules and no crew or captain was telling people to put mask on for show. If you see a photo of an angler going 56 in the 55 zone the evidence is...
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    More or Bigger

    I start every trip I go on with a great attitude. Since I have no control on the fishing, and the weather,I just go knowing we are going fishing. I can control the positive and fun times with my fellow angler's. This is what makes your trip, the catching is just the bonus.