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    Tony Reyes Trip in Summer?

    I used to go the last trip in OCT fishing was great the best variety of fish that I ever caught. 3 in one panga caught 192 yellowtail in two days. and the heat wasn't to bad
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    long Range Big Tuna Jinkai leader

    4 pkgs, of Jinkai leader material 150 220 250 300 lb mostly full pkges. $35,00
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    wahoo lures close out

    catchy lures bombs chrome heads to assemble every thing must go $175.00 for all make offer
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    Bottom fishing Lures

    To old to text (83) 4 dyna troll & 1 chrome tnt are still for sale
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    Bottom fishing Lures

    Are you still interested.???? Please call 951-676-4927
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    Hooks Hooks &more Hooks

    OVER 200 LARGE HOOKS some larger than #10 some smaller? over 10 large circle hooks with swivels
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    thanks did they work?
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    BOTTOM FISHING LEAD 12 OZ TO 6 LB. $1.50 A LB the1lb. and less has been sold and shipped Thanks