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    For Sale 260 West Marine Rib

    8'-5" long x 5'-1" wide. If you need anything else let me know
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    CRB Wire Chuck

    Tried those too and unless you support the rod really well they are worthless. Make a pretty good paperweight
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    here's where you can find the most up to date information along with any new info. doesn't look like anything has changed out there
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    Only no entry is the area that extends into 20 fathoms.
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    For Sale 260 West Marine Rib

    2020 West marine (Zodiac) hard bottom inflatable with 6hp Nissan 4-stroke. Boat was bought Dec last year and only used 4 times. Motor was a barn find that only had 2 fresh water hrs on it, 13hrs on it now. All maintenance was just completed. Has custom stainless permatrim installed. Comes with...
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    the area that extends into 20 fathoms is on the frontside of the west island. The closure is represented here by the pink dotted line. If you notice there is a pink dotted line all the way around the island that extends into 20' of water. At Portuguese rock which is almost center screen you can...
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    Looking for Recommendations for Battery Charger & Inverter

    I have an xantrex and have not had any problems with it however neversink2 is spot on about the magnum's. I wouldn't hesitate to use either just make sure to size your supply wires accordingly. 2000watts @120ac is only 17amps, however 2000watts @ 12vdc is 170amps. Thats more than most starters...
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    VHF w/ GPS vs. AIS??

    The GPS in the VHF is so the dsc function works without having to connect it to your chartplotter. I would recomend getting one that has ais, gps and nmea2k capable. It makes interfacing it extremely easy and the ais is a major game changer when you are around commercial traffic.
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    Santa Barbara Harbor

    All were open last weekend
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    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    Check out sailfish boats. Will more than likely have to go east to get one but they will fit the bill