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    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 300 WINN loaded with braid brand new

    Lee - please check for text at 619 540 0107
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    For Sale SF Bay Area: Calstar GFGR 765XL, Melton KN 80-100, Japanese jigging rod

    Josh, I will take the GFGR-765-XL for $75 as posted - great price! I will send you PM to discuss logistics. Benjamin
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    Hello - I am interested in the PG280 - will you take $180 for it? I live in Los Angeles but...

    Hello - I am interested in the PG280 - will you take $180 for it? I live in Los Angeles but will be visiting San Diego on June 4th. I can send you deposit first via Paypal and pay for the rest in cash. Benjamin
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    Moro Bay in April

    I was on Endeavor yesterday and had a great time. It was a 12 hours trip and Lauren cooked Burrito for breakfast and made us cheeseburger for lunch. Water, soda, and beer were also cold and available via the honor system. Fishing was fantastic as long as everyone uses heavyweight as in 16 oz...
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    For Sale NEW G Loomis SWBR 955C swim bait rod

    Thank you Tom for the amazing rod !
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    SOLD Mak 20 in perfect condition $OLD

    SOLD to Bruce pending fund. Thanks to all for all the kind comments. Benjamin
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    SOLD Mak 20 in perfect condition $OLD

    I have a Mak 20 in perfect condition for sale. As in zero boat-rash. It has been on one boat ride with no fish. Appearance 9.9/10 and Mechanical 10/10. The braid is not included in this sale. All tools and trolling inserts are included.
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    Mak 20 SEa 100# line amount?

    780 of JB 100# for me from Mahi Mahi tackle in Orange County.
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    Off the Market: Pro Gear Oceanus 30 set of 4

    SN - TEST - These must be really early samples!
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    Bosley - if the reel is still available. I will message you to arrange for logistics. Benjamin 310-251-6883
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    Makaira 50-SEa

    Chris, I will take the reel at $500. Please check PM. Benjamin
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    WTT : Calstar 770XH Blank for 770H / 775H Blank

    I have a Calstar 770XH blank looking to trade down to a 770H blank or a 775H blank with cash. Please let me know if you are located in Great Los Angles, OC or SD area. Benjamin