Bendo Babe

Fishing is my Passion.. I love hunting for the pelagic big game fish whenever I can but I’m happy with just being on the water... I like learning something new every time I go fishing knowledge is power and something might work one day but not the next the conditions are alway changing and adapting to those changes and watching your fellow anglers on the sport boats that are hooking up is the key to getting bit, what are they doing differently.... asking questions is very helpful. Also I spend my evenings learning to tie new knots and making leaders& hollow core leaders, because I like knowing that when I catch a fish I caught it on my own from start to finish, I also build my own rods it’s so exciting to catch a fish on a rod you built, I like to Share The Passion with other young female Anglers as well they are our future... hoping to start a program I called “take a girl fishing” a mentoring program for young girls with the mentors being knowledgeable female Anglers in our industry teaching conservation boat and gear knowledge etc...taking them out on 1/2 days then 3/4 day trips then finally an overnight then providing them with a tackle box gear and rod and reel at the end! If you can’t share you passion for something and the things you learned then it just dies with you.. so please Pass on the passion of fishing! Tight lines! ❤
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