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    Anybody know anything about subdividing a property?

    Also, if you would like to discuss this more send me a pm with your number and I will give you a call.
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    Anybody know anything about subdividing a property?

    Since I am in the industry (Civil/Geo-Technical Engineer) you're property would likely fall into what is called a short plat. Assuming that zoning regulations allow you to subdivide your property will need to be surveyed and engineered for the new lot. The engineering primarily consists of...
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    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

    1. Save the day, own a SeaVee 2. If he only owned SeaVee 3. Save you heart and own a SeaVee 4. You need to have a heart attack to own a SeaVee 5. Don't be this guy, own a SeaVee 6. Prescription: SeaVee 7. Workorder: SeaVee
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    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    1.) Without a Bubba, you're in Trubba 2.) Wanna Bubba 3.) HUBBA HUBBA I GOTTA BUBBA
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    1.) How many guys does it take to catch a fish? 2.) Got wife problems, join the crew! 3.) Fat camp escapees come here!
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    Need a couple batteries

    Gentlemen, I actually work in the battery world, and am somewhat knowledgeable in this area. There are numerous manufactures of batteries to begin with. Just of the top of my head, there is Crown, Trojan, Lifeline, Odyssey, Exide, Full River, Deka, Ac/Delco, Johnson Controls and numerous...
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    New boat heading this way

    WDLFBIO, I would be happy to assist in detailing the new sizeable boat you have acquired. Shoot me a PM to talk business. In the mean time, I congratulate you on getting such a find. Tight Lines. Hopeful Fishing, Beetlejuice111
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    Boat Detailing

    Summer is now upon us and the fishing season has just kicked off. Tuna are just around the corner. Right now would be a great time to get your boat detailed. I'm a college student trying to make a few extra bucks, I have detailed many boats in the past. I also have knowledge and worked on small...
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    State on the hook for $768 for every salmon caught in Puget Sound

    In Appendix C of the Audit report the calculation report is given. It says as follows: C. Cost to Produce One Chinook: We estimated the cost to produce one yearling Chinook to $0.85 by dividing the Department’s expenditures for the activity by the number of yearling Chinook the Department...
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    Did you check out the BAMF boat?

    Mike and Nate, I would love to see your guy's shop and see how you guys go about building your boats. Is there anyway I could stop by? Brett
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    Did you check out the BAMF boat?

    Mike, When laying up your hull do you use a vacuum system to get rid of the air pockets? Brett
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    When did they start letting anybody become Pro-Staff? Congratulations on the new rig, May she bring you many safe journeys, to and from the fishing grounds.
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    New Design over Spring Break

    I appreciate it when are people looking out for me, Thanks. I finished well this winter. I received a B+ in English surprisingly, B in Calculus I, and a C+ in Chemistry II. Working 35+ hours a week it’s all I focus on when I'm not break. This spring quarter, I have Sociology, Physics...
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    New Design over Spring Break

    I plan on learning from it. I am learning how to do calculations to make it more efficient.