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    For Sale California Police/Sheriff Department Entrance Exam Books

    The governor is an assclown and absolute joke. This state is so fucking ass backwards it's comical. If your not vested and new to the profession, maybe buy a book on how to lateral out of state? Stay safe all...
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    Ensenada YT today

    That is awesome..I'm assuming not too much boat traffic? I thought I read the harbor masters weren't letting boats into and out of the harbor? Obviously not- well done!
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    BOLA 3.13-15 with Joel Prieto Jr...Awesome!

    So happy to see a BOLA report - thank you.
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    Awesome Baja lures. I will need to get another order of the heavy deadheads for BOLA this summer. Hope all is well Dennis....
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    hwy 5 road condition, any updates ?

    No info for you buddy but it's cool your heading down again. Me and Matt are holding off til late May. Might make a Colonet or San quintin run before then though. Hope all is well..
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    San Bruno Dec 23 thru Jan4

    Those are great pics- thanks for the write up. It's nice to read anything related to baja fishing right about now.
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    Quick trip to BOLA 10-14 thru 10-17

    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for the write up and pictures.
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    SOLD JRI Jigs

    Very interested in the 66's..If you split them up or if someone here is only looking for the 4's and 7's let me know...
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    Bola dodos?

    South of Animas.. Your gonna have a great time. I'm heading to the sierras tomorrow and probably back to bola late Oct for a look at the WSB?
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    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Dennis- Matt fished your dark blue glitter deadhead and did very well. I fished the light blue JRI 66. Current was ripping, hard to get down. I'm going to have to order more of your dark blue heavier deadheads.
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    Bola dodos?

    Fished last week (14th, 15th?) with Daggetts. They said only (2) dorado were caught for the week. We didn't see anything and we ran south to Barnabe.
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    For Sale Tiagra 30W LRSA reel

    PM'd as well. I'll take it if you ship to OC. I'll pay shipping and insurance. Left my cell. Leaving for the sierras tomorrow for a few day- let me know.
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    Hi. I'd take that reel if you would ship to Orange County. I'll pay shipping for flat box rate...

    Hi. I'd take that reel if you would ship to Orange County. I'll pay shipping for flat box rate and insurance. Let me know. I'm heading to mammoth tomorrow to fish until weds. Justin 949-482-9776
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    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Sorry- I tried to post earlier but I obviously screwed it up. Me and Matt and a couple buddies got back a week ago. Roads (at least HWY1) was in exellent condition. Few potholes after Chapala but lots of paving going on and better than I have seen in many years. Fished South at Barnabe...