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  • I wS just shipping jigs a lot of blue and brown glitter. And was thinking of you u mentioned you want to order some. Please let me no I’m getting more made running low on those colors please
    No problem just the way you talked in your first pm u wanted jigs for this trip also
    Just checking when you ll be in late bay so I’ll no to bring jigs. Like to talk to u how many which colored to bring call if u want some
    Beer Goggles
    Beer Goggles
    Hi Denis - I will just call or text you when I get back. It would be nice to talk to you a bit. I'm fishing tues and weds- should be some wind. I'll be back once in june july aug and sept. I will try and meet up with you in june or we can coordinate something through Juan. Talk to you soon. My cell is 949-482-9776. Justin
    The internets bad and Gonzaga you may have a hard time reaching juan he does respond at some point
    Beer Goggles
    Beer Goggles
    Thanks Denis I got a message back from him. I'm trying to hook up with him in May. We might see you guys down in Bola in June as well. Take care...
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    Beer Goggles
    Beer Goggles
    Hi buddy..Should we try and run down to Gonzaga and fish with Juan for 2 days in May and the go to Bola in mid june with the crew? I also need to do a family trip down there this summer with Kristen and the boys.
    Hey buddy, that sounds great. I just want to get down to mexico and kill it. just let me know the dates you are looking at.
    the buyer flipped it and i dont know who he sold it too..the plans went with the boat. sorry no info..
    Hello. I just bought a 23 valco and trying to convert the bait tank to that sitting area on the valco you sold a while back. Is there any way I can contact the new owner for dimensions? What size bait tank did it have in the center? I a million thanks! [email protected]
    I would have to say the full length is around 20', i can take a measurment tonight when i get off of work if you would like.
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