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  • Hello the bracket that you use in your conversion you get them made in Southern California?
    The DPE drive is same drive they used for their 6 cylinder diesels up to 265 hp. So with the 32 it never had enough HP or torque to tear it up, pretty sure first rebuild on that drive was 1850 hrs.
    Let me know what other info you need.
    The 32 was a perfect motor for the 23. The supercharger helped to get on step but was not needed. Not sure if additional HP was obtained from the supercharger or larger bore of piston. To be honest when I had that boat I wired in a switch to shut the supercharger off. It worked like a charm.

    Nice pilot house do you still have the mold? I would want something like that on my 22' whaler. Yours came out awesome!
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