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    New Transducer need opinions

    I have 175HW and 175M which I find an ideal combination, but if I had to choose only one I would choose the 175M. The 175HW is excellent for seeing fish in the water column and I use this as primary fish finder down to about 175’ depth below which I think the coverage too wide and normally...
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    Autopilot Recommendations??

    Simrad NAC2 it will interface with your Lowrance MFD.
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    Hull speed?

    Surely power choice and weight must also have a bearing?
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    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    This is the combo I use with a Simrad system. Perfect for our waters.
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    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    Congratulations to Patrick Walker! $27,000!!!!!!!!! A good two days work.
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    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    OK 9.00pm tonight China Pearl
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    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    What about a BD meet-up and quick drink at the China Pearl at say 10.00pm Thursday night? Just a suggestion ….
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    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    Missed last year's Derby but back for 2020. Is there going to be a Bloody Deckers' meet-up and/or side-bet?
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    WTB: air ride capt’s seat

    This is a good source for reasonable priced air ride seats:-
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    Air ride seat

    I have air-ride seats in my NR OS 24' and would not be without them. When it's rough ride comfort is the last thing on my mind. This is a good source for reasonable priced air seats:-
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    Question on Boat Electronics

    I have Navico - Simrad and I am very pleased!!!!!!!!!!! Itroll is super execellent!
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    Steering system expelling hydraulic.

    I regret to advise that further to my reports above I have had a further steering hydraulic leak manifest itself during the recent hot weather. My aft helm started leaking fairly copiously which turned out to be a sealing issue on the main hub. There are umpteen alan-type screws on the...
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    Thru hull - 5200 still the way to go?

    Sikaflex was used on my boat. I have removed the original thru-hulls which were installed with Sikaflex and replaced with different frequency thru-hull models again sealed with Sikaflex. Boat was back in moorage 24-36 hours after installation. At no time have I had water ingress through the...
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    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    I have just found this update of my original post. In my case I replaced all of the plastic deck hatches with weld-on type metal hatches. For the deck hatches I used the same type as recommended by Goatram but for the engine-pod hatch I used a far more expensive Freeman 8" Compression Hatch. The...
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    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    I have had my 9.9T with iTroll fitted for five years now and no problems with either. My boat is moored so not regularly towed.