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    Mini surface irons

    Lol, that was me. I tried adding 2 to my order but only let me add 1. I read this thread earlier and thought to myself, why haven't I tried these yet. Not my 1st order with you guys and definitely not my last. Great deals and shipping service. Thanks
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    Who else wears sandals on boats ?

    Sandals all day every day. Rainbow hemp sandals are the best. On local island trips I wear speedo dock shoes. Light nonslip and comfortable without socks. Quick drying too. Long range or any trip with Tuna deck boots all day and my good ole trusty rainbow hemp sandals on the ride home. Fyi if...
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    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    I don't think Daiwa makes a 76XXHF. I think they have a 7XXHF, which is 7'. I would more rather pair VISX16 with the 7XXHF. I was definitely pushing the limits on the rod. I never felt like I was pushing the limit on the 40nld2. I definitely did wish I had a T-handle on. T-handle would make a...
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    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    I was using a Daiwa Proteus PTB76XHF. It's a versatile stiff rod. I was planning on using this combo as my sinker rig but had to use it as my flat fall set up in a pinch and it handled it nicely
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    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    The fight was fun. Considering that I lost one that spiraled under the boat after a 30 minute fight minutes before hooking this guy; I was tired. The bite was WFO and the crew kept everyone hyped. They kept yelling "you can rest all you want on the boat ride home, get a line in!" Lol
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    Flat falls for BFT suggestions

    Second the Katty Perry glow in 250-350g Pink and glow in 250-350g. In the trips I've been in the narrower flat falls (SK or Wingfall style) have been getting most of the bites. Seems like most stops 2 or 3 tuna bite and that's usually it until the next stop. That being said the jigs that get...
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    Offshore Pacific Queen Barn Burner 6-14-2021

    Same trip on the Pacific Queen; epic for sure. Just to add some more fish porn from that trip.
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    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    Yeah, I'm 6'5" and pushing 320. I lost one 30 minutes into the fight when it spiralled under the boat at deep color. This one was not so fortunate but I was beat after back to back fights
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    Fathom 40lnd2: work horse

    Just got off an epic 1.5 day trip on the Pacific Queen. 30 blue fin tuna over 100lbs. I managed go bag me one on my Penn Fathom 40nld2 loaded with 500yds 80lb maxcuatro and 50yds of 80lb mono. I thought I would be under gunned but after catching this 113.6lbr (weighted at the dock) I have a new...
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    Open Load Party boat prices post reopening

    Not complaining just acknowledging the OP concerns. May 2020 full day SD boats were $200 with limited loads of 22. May 2021 full day SD boats are $200 with limited loads of 35. I personally would rather pay $250 for a 22 person limited load trip. It was really nice fishing on the Grande with...
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    20# Rod Setup

    I love my Avet SXJ loaded with 200yds of 30lb spectra and almost 100yds of 20lb izor mono. Best fly lining 20lb reel. I have it paired with an 8' seeker rated 12-25lbs, I don't know the blank# but its super soft on the tip. I can fling those dines or chovies away from the boat
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    Drag setting for Surface Irons?

    On a side note, I really enjoyed the komodo 471P. I originally had the gen 1 Lexa 400P paired on this rod and then the new Lexa 400P winn version. No issues with the Lexas but in comparing Lexa and Komodo, Komodo feels a lot stronger and feels like better cranking power. Just felt like a tank in...
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    Drag setting for Surface Irons?

    Just curious how much drag do you normally set when throwing surface irons (let's say 40lb line)? Was on a trip to the Coronado Islands Tuesday and I hung a nice size yellow on the iron. I was fishing a 909FX cousins rod and a komodo 471P spooled with 65lb braid and 40lb short fluoro topshot...
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    Pacific Queen Preperation

    I'll be on the Pacific Queen on June 6th. Hopefully you guys find them. GL
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    Best bait for spotties

    Mission Bay is a great place to take kids. If you rent a skiff for $70 I think? It's more than a fishing trip, it's an adventure. I live in Orange about a 20 minute drive to Newport but I always take my daughter and any of her cousins/friends to Mission Bay. Just a suggestion.