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    Excel bunk layouts

    Their are no singles on the Excel. State room #9 in the bow has two bunks but they normally only put one person in it as it is a very small room without a sink. If they sell all 33 spots don’t expect a single. The other small room in the bow is occupied by the cooks.
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    Evaluating LR trip in mid June or early Dec

    If you can squeeze your time frame out to an 11 day, I would suggest the Nov. 19 eleven day on the Excel. Guadalupe, the rocks, the ridge, upper end of the lower banks (Mag Bay area) off shore blue fin. Fishing for wahoo, medium size tuna, Larger yellow tail, and grouper are all in the mix...
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    Old school wahoo lure

    Fish n Fools in Granada Hills has them in stock (Gold),
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    Booking a summer trip?

    The June 5, 2021 Intrepid 7 day in question has 16 openings as of Friday so they only have eight people booked so far. The trips after this one are sold out into late summer early fall. Don't know what the deal is with JRI or why this trip, despite it's advantages isn't being jumped on. I do...
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    Booking a summer trip?

    Checking the schedules for a spring/summer 7 or 8 day trip and not finding much that wouldn't require me to be the last guy aboard. Finnaly did find one that is wide open and is on one of the better boats. It's a 7 day limited load (24) departing June 5 and on a great moon cycle. June 7 is...
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    April Okuma Trip on the Excel

    Generally speaking, April is a great month for tuna of all sizes in the 16 day range. It all changed three tears ago and the tuna have just not shown up down there. In the event this is the year they come back, take your big stuff. The Lupe is not an option due to covid in Mexico. As for...
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    Nov 27th Fins-N-Feathers Thanksgiving Classic on the Indy

    I booked an unsponsored 11 day trip dparting Nov. 27, 2021 on the Excel in August 2020. I was the first person to sign up (I think) for that trip and it has been slow to fill untill last week when I noticed on their web site in has picked up a sponsor and a whole bunch of passengers. Is this...
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    372 on XL

    Congrats to T.T. two over 300 and still fishing! This trip next year has many openings. $500. down and you reserve a boarding spot. I get my shot on the Big X on February 2.
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    planning ahead

    Yes, in fact some will book as much as 3 years in advance. So you can lose your boarding number but you keep your stateroom. One year I went from #1 to #17. A large group had booked 3 years in advance. Most of the time that is not the case. The 11 day I mentioned is full for this year, but...
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    planning ahead

    For those looking for a L.R. trip later this fall, there isn't much to chose from. 10/11 day trips are sold out at this point or at best have 1 or 2 spots available. Rest assured the regulars have not left the better staterooms wide open for the last guy aboard. Ditto for tackle box spots...
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    Looking for cooler water

    Wind causes upwelling of inshore waters and will reduce water surface temperature. Unfortunately, it also makes the water green and off color. Not good for fishing. I wouldn’t worry about it this far in advance of your trip.
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    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    Don't mean to be argumentative, with the other posters, but their is another side to the wisdom of a 5 day trip in Nov. There is a reason why L.R. boats schedule mainly 10 and 11 day trips in the 11th. month. November is a transition month between Fall and Winter. You might get lucky and find...
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    Rigging Spectra ? Help I'm to old to remember 😂

    Lots of way's to do this. What I do is feed the mono or fluorocarbon 4 to 5 feet into the hollow spectra, then dribble on enough Tac Glue to cover 7 or 8 inches where the mono enters the spectra. It doesn't take much glue to do this, be careful not to over apply. Also you MUST use Tac Glue...
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    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    Sorry I wasn't clear. I parked in the street in front of fisherman's Landing. There were no signs. Found out later there is a three day limit everywhere in the harbor area. As I remember the fine was about $30. which was less then half of what the lot would have charged at that time...