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    Stainless steel fuel tank

    30 gallon stainless steel fuel tank used it for filling airplane and snowmobile all tig welded seam 30.00$
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    Smith house Westport party cancelled

    Better safe than sorry next year will be a blast
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    Samsung stainless oven

    What are the dim width.?
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    Vhf antenna for sale 8 ft

    Does that fishing pole have a Scotty plug on it
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    Cannon D/R?

    How much for one
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    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    I have no prob. With the price of fuel so low flying has been great . No one at the air port. We had a great week of sun flew every day i stay 1000 feet away from every one. 🤪 i saw boats going down I 5 last week
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    Is it sold
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    Lead melt April 13th info

    Great lead melt party . Thanks Mike and Pat for Cooking a great lunch . Thank you for putting up with us Vance the lead melt turned out great everybody had their shit together .this was the best work party ever thank you to everyone that brought a side dish they were fantastic . Thank u...
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    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Glad you’re OK Vance Wish you a speedy recovery
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    Do you still have this unit for sale
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    Garmin GPSMAP 7612xsv Chartplotter/Sonar Combo

    If he’s only posted two times and he’s trying to sell you a $2000 item and have you send him some money you would be nuts to do this transaction go to ebay
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    Garmin 5212

    I sent you a pm I’ll take it
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    Are you fnn kidding me?

    We’re there is smoke there is BOB