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    Close Horseshoe today

    Dabs are delicious
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    Parker 1801 vs Montauk 17

    I had a 2016 Parker 1801, sold it and now miss having a boat. Might get another but might get a Montauk 17, preferably a 19, but they are hard to come by. Anyone ridden in both an 1801 or Montauk 17 and give me feedback on how they ride comparatively? I was really happy with the 1801. Catalina...
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    SOLD 1994 baja Bayrunner bf40 Honda

    Take that damn canvas splash guard off and change your name. Everyone knows you just buy and flip shit from your facebook ads and what have yous. Your daddy must own a pawn shop and is teaching you the family business. All you do you do is buy crap and sell it for more than you paid. Did you...
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    Anyone know if nacho opens on Christmas Day?

    Damn! How many people were on your boat?
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    Anyone know if nacho opens on Christmas Day?

    Make bait like a real man. Better bring him a burrito and a nug.
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    SBI Rockfish 12/6/20

    What year/model Grady you got there? Looks like a 208.
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    Newport 11/23 sculpin central

    Dabs are easy to clean. Use scissors to cut the fins off, head and gut line. Eat them like ribs and never get a bone. Minced garlic mixed with corn meal, bread them and pan fry.
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    A little Swordfish vid

    Not even close. Like a knife to a nuclear war!
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    SOLD 2015 Parker 1801 Yamaha F150 - $28,500

    4-5mpg, mid 3's if the conditions were really shitty. I fished it once with my dad, brother, his wife and myself on a smooth'ish day and still got like 3.8mpg and that is with my 38 gallon bait tank full, like 50lbs of ice and about 9 yellowtail. That's doing the math at fill up, not using the...
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    Newport bait dock still open?

    Get some shrimp if you're staying inshore and get them sheepshead
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    How do you keep your lobster?

    I don't keep them more than 24hrs. By then, I've started crapping my next meal for sure. I would say the winning response goes to RodRage.
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    SOLD 2015 Parker 1801 Yamaha F150 - $28,500

    I had the same, 2016 with a 115 though. A lot of fish died because of that rig.
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    For Sale Sold 1981 20 foot Blackman center console

    Last thing I got that just needed to be put back together needed a transom and stringers...........
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    Sat fun at catalina

    Looks like the 20kts comment was edited out???? I never saw it. 20kts in the fog "WITH" radar is sketch. Without is stupid as fuck.
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    WTB 21 ft Parker Center Console

    There are a couple in Texas. Take 3 days, $500 in gas and save $5k or more. People are on crack out here and think the boats increase in value. What's your budget?