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    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Congrats! Enjoy the tastiest fish in the sea.
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    WTB Parker 1801 w/ yami 115

    Same here. I had a 115 on my 16' 1801. It was plenty with my 38 gallon blue water bait tank and one other adult. The boat isn't meant to be fished outside of a few miles with more than two dudes. I did four adults when my brother was visiting from out of town and it still did fine for La Jolla...
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    Tips locating Rockfish

    I sort of disagree with Ali. I have had amazing success dropping on massive bait schools. I will typically drop larger baits with lager hooks making it hard for the squirts to get hooked. It isn't worth spending a lot of time on, but definitely worth a look. I also make sure those get my fresh...
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    WTB Parker 1801 w/ yami 115

    I would do what SBirdRob said. People here are on CRACK! with their prices. I got a smoking deal on a 2016 Parker 1801 a couple years ago from Florida. I sold it this past December for a great price too. I'm looking for another boat back east and spend most of my time on Craigs, boattrader and...
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    Rpt 5/9 and 5/10 Catalina

    You don't eat them, you use them for BFT bait. Those things were going for like $30 a piece at one point last year.
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    Rpt 5/9 and 5/10 Catalina

    How many flying fish did you get?
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    1996 Parker 2300 DVCC

    So are you selling it?
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    Governor Targets Orange County

    I'll blame it on whoever I want. You're right they do belong to everyone but during the current circumstances we don't need every raider and cowboy fan on the beach in their Ben Davis and Nike Cortes. When it comes time to vote I just hope they can figure out what box to scratch if they like to...
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    Governor Targets Orange County

    It's all the 909'ers and 951'ers that blew it. Should have made an ordinance to keep people in their own county. Next all these democrats out of job now will just put another democrat in office after dickhead Newsom. Never learn their lesson. Team red would have them back to work, fishing and...
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    SOLD 2008 Parker 2310 Walk Around Cuddy Cabin tons of extras

    Yeah I did the same thing once. My wife told me to sell the boat so I put it up for sale for WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY WAAAAAAAAAY more than it was worth. All I had to do was tell her I tried and no one wanted to buy it. Good plan PegLegGreg
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    Offshore report and FD vent

    Pics of the Albacore or it didn't happen
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    SOLD Tent Trailer $2500

    Thanks guys. She is gone. Some serious ass clowns in the world. Almost just gave it to a friend to spite some of the assholes I had contact me. Not from here though.
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    SOLD Tent Trailer $2500

    2009 Rockwood Freedom 1640 Tried to post on craigslist and they wanted to charge $5 now! I just posted and sold my boat a couple months ago for free. Bummer
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    SOLD 2016 Parker 1801

    Bump. My buyer backed out. Wife gave him the okay to buy a new boat. Gonna be funny when she finds out how much anchors, radios, bait tanks, additional batteries with relocation and all that costs.