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    Inshore LJ 6/14

    Thanks for the report. How deep were the reds?
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    Offshore Thursday 6/10 upper 9

    Thanks for that report.
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    PL 11/4

    Thanks for report, hoping to get out there after weather passes.
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    Offshore 10/29 425, 371, lower 9

    Nice report and thanks for the Pics too
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    105 YT are here

    Congrats, thanks for the report and pic.
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    Saturday La Jolla Haze!

    Wow good catch. Did you ever turn on your sounder to look for some structure?
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    Fogless Fun

    Were you fishing LJ?
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    A.M. half day 10-13-20

    Cool report, thanks for sharing.
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    Point Loma Fishing, Some Catching Oct 11 2020

    Nice, thanks for the report and look forward to pics and report on your trip south.
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    Bonito pullin 8/10

    Cool report, Love putting the kids on Bonita!!
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    Offshore Lower end 9 mile bank

    Thanks, always interested in whats happening close.
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    Lucky day of bass fishing!

    Congrats, were you fishing braided with fluoro top shot? Its hard to see in pic. Maybe fly lining / trolling a mac?
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    Thanks for report, sounds super fun.
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    Got butter? Limits of bugs

    Excellent work, those sea dogs love the bonita as much as the bugs, glad you were successful at evading them!!!!
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    10/3 Foggy Point Loma.

    Good job, thanks.