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    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Boat is currently pending, first guy who saw it today put down a deposit. I will keep everyone updated on the outcome. Thank you for the interest!
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    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Took me almost an hour Jim, but thanks lol someone is gonna get an amazing boat. Heading down to clean her up now actually
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    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Thanks Eric! The boat really is a killer setup for SoCal. I have friends with 2320s and the walk around and open cabin is so much nicer. The only upgrade I never got to was outriggers. Then she would be spot on!
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    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    Tim from the best of my knowledge this boat only came in the 21 degree deep v Hull
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    SOLD SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s a rad little boat!
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    For Sale 2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    I HATE to let my baby go but unfortunately life circumstances have changed drastically. I’ve done a lot of upgrades to this boat and just got her really dialed in to where I want her to be for So Cal fishing. I will try and make everything clear and concise but I’m using my phone as I don’t have...
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    For Sale Aftco flying gaff 4ft

    Shoot me a pm of what you’re looking for....I have a few reels...some brown teramars and other rods
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    SOLD or FT Avet HXW Raptor MC Super rare!

    It’s only one bump every 24hrs...please stop bumping this thing in less than 24hrs...there has been no serious interest in this should list it on eBay and reach an audience that may really want it
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    For Sale M9 Permatrim for Yamaha F150-250 4 stroke New in box Reduced to $125

    Interested in a trade for rods or reels? I have an 07 250 and a parker I’ve been wanting to put a permatrim on...
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    For Sale Proteus Rod

    Might be a little awkward putting a fathom on a spinning rod for yo-yo 😬
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    SOLD WTB brown teramars 8’ and up delete please

    I have an 80mh and a 80H I would probably sell...message me