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    Dana Point Paddy Hopping 8/11/17

    We had the same, we'll get them next time!
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    Mammoth trip prep....and misc ties.

    Post Pics Easy!!!!!!
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    Went Looking outside again and found them 3-18 ( video )

    Looking good Corey. Cant wait to meet up this year.
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    2 Combo's for Sale

    Is any of your stuff still for sale? i am just getting into Fly fishing and could use some gear. If your willing to ship, i will pick up all costs. thanks, Sean
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    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    Just recieved a pair of these bino's from Jack, and what a pleasure it was dealing with him. I bought these for my dad because he has no glass, and my brother drew an X9A tag. I told jack when we were leaving and he made sure they arrived in time. I was blown away with the clarity these had...
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    Silver Lake / June Lake Loop 9/5 thru 12

    What did you guys use for bait in the Crawfish traps?
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    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    Hi Guys, I smoke a lot of Brisket, often and my method is similar to the aforementioned. But we serve our brisket after a 1 hour rest. I will have to try the 12 hour rest method and see if we notice a difference. Ours is cooked for 12-14 hours depending on the weight. Low and slow between 250...
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    CA Big Game Draw Results

    I drew M-7, Ventura county muzzel loader hunt. But, my brother drew X-9a, and he is super pumped. Time to start planning.
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    Right Fish on the Wrong Gear - Sunday 6/12 Tuna Report

    Heading down tomorrow. Hoping for similar results!
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    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    I want it! That thing is Rad!
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    Headed to San Miguel and have a question?

    My favorite place for shallow water rockfish and lings on bass gear!
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    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    Who fucking cares! Let the law sort it out. There is plenty of evidence floating around the Internet. If they broke the law they will be punished.
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    Wahoo in the 805

    Hell yeah! It was only a matter of time