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    Offshore South Bay Anglers Club on the Outer Limits 10/08/21

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    Mad Reel Services

    Called and was told they service fishing reels
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    Other Mad Reel Services Found Alejandro Reel Service to be quick and affordable. Three reels serviced in two days!
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    Mad Reel Services

    I bought three reels to be serviced at Turners and found out after waiting an hour for them to open (Internet 9am and store 10am) found they dont service reels only spool them. Upset, another customer recommended Alejandro.He is fast and Great! 2 day turnaround for me. Inland Empire...
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    Good Report! The Islander used to be my go to boat, but it dropped out of sight for a while...

    Good Report! The Islander used to be my go to boat, but it dropped out of sight for a while. Will try to get back on it. Love the boat. Believe it was the Red Rooster II before.
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    Offshore Oceanside95 Weekend Wrap 08/22/21

    Cool, I picked middle bunk close to stern. Found bunking layouts here for several Socal boats. Google: Boat-Bunk-Layouts-Rev-6-April-2018
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    Offshore Oceanside95 Weekend Wrap 08/22/21

    South Bay Anglers Club went on the Oceanside95 for a 2 day fishing adventure in US waters. Checked in with Matt and confirmed my earlier bunk request F8 (Fate). Weather was good and the plan was to fish for BFT/YFT day one and YT and Dodo's via patty hopping day two. I bagged three Bluefin and...
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    Offshore Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    I am 62 and did a full day with bunks a couple of weeks ago to test the waters and was fine. Fishermen were COVID conscious and I washed my hands every chance I got. When I got home I stripped and showered careful not to bring any germs into the house in an effort to protect my wife, leaving...
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    Offshore Offshore Yellowwfin

    Great report, had me hanging off my seat!
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    Offshore Ocean Odyssey Overnight 8-25,26

    Nice write up! Decided to take your advice and bought some #4 hooks and #4 light wire live bait hooks (these look pretty flimsy but willing to try). Will team up with 15, 17 and 20# flouro to see which gets bit best. Thanks for the tip!
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    Offshore So, I went fishing again...

    Oh and beware of the hooks made in China if you purchase online, they claim to be 3x 4x and you could almost bend them with your hand.
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    Comment by 'BarryFree' in media 'A Joe Charter'

    That's me in the bottom front right with Tony Braidman from Xtremebraid