Name: Barry - Older Christian, funloving, young at heart, happily married former Marine. Got Jokes
Location: Moreno Valley
Availability: Weekends and occasional weekday
Contact Info: [email protected]
Smoke/Drink?:No Smoking/Yes

Rules: no sleeping until we are done. I got up early just like you did.
Be in good physical shape. Boating, trailering experience helpful.
Be pro-active, set out fenders, be a good deckhand. Drive occasionally
Keep the boat clean and washed down. Grab the brush before the blood is dry.
Don't put your hands in the bait tank. Don't drop the net in the bait tank.
Scoop one bait at a time. Don't put baits that fall on the deck back in the bait tank.
In the heat of battle clear the rail of rods if not hooked up.
We share the catch equally and we don't keep small fish (baby yellows or tunas)
Fish Catalina and local, Lobster hooping gear set and ready to go.
The guys I go with and myself, we look hard ALL day. It sucks when the new guy wants to chill in the bean bag all day and expects us to spot kelps and birds. Don't be that guy. Anyone that fishes with me can tell you that we try really hard and we don't give up.

P.S. Not such a hardazz. Naps can be taken on the way home, lol.

Tackle Ho Test
So what can be done to prevent you from becoming a tackle "ho"? The first step is to recognize that you may already be a "ho". If you answer yes to any of these questions you maybe a "ho".
1. If you have the urge to always have the latest or newest reel or rod, you maybe a "ho".

2. If you list a tackle store as who to call in case of an accident, you maybe a "ho"

3. If you have more lures that you can carry without using a forklift, you maybe a "ho".

4. If all your Internet bookmarks are for tackle stores, you maybe a "ho".

5. Finally if you’d rather play with your tackle than your family, you maybe a "ho".

So once you realize you are a "ho" what is the next step? The next time you get the urge to buy, try putting that money into a savings account.
December 28
Moreno Valley, California
Former owner of Skipjack FB 24 and Skipjack 20' open.
Computer Guru