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    For Sale 2006 4runner

    Yes 2wd
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    For Sale 2006 4runner

    selling my 2006 4runner 171500 miles. these things run forever. tow package V6 $8700 Santa Barbara
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    FREE Bait tank

    I’d guess 65 to 75 gallons. It’s FREE someone come get it. Needs a little resin and sanding.
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    SOLD Phenix deckhand black diamond hybrid

    Trade for: Almost new pinhead Ulua 93H? Blacked out. Deckhand.
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    WTB Skinny butt 9ft Iron flinger or similar

    Ya love those baby ulua. Also willing to sell as package or separately.
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    For Sale SEEKER Pinhead Ulua 93H 30-60 Torium 20 with super clamp

    $550 Santa Barbara Like new open to trade: looking for lighter iron jig stick 9ft-ish torium: has box with 65lb braid 30lb top shot Durian super clamp Seeker pinhead Ulua 93H message me.
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    WTB Skinny butt 9ft Iron flinger or similar

    Show me the goods.. My set up is too beefy for what I normally fish. This set up is perfect for San Diego Tuna and big YT. Also Looking for torium 16 or similar. I’ll pay. Or Partial Trade: Seeker 9’3 Ninja Pinhead deckhand (like new) Duran’s DFP - Super clamp Torium 20 with 65lb braid and...
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    WTB Beginner Surface Iron Rod -- Bakersfield, CA

    I have a seeker pinhead I’m thinking of selling. Located in Santa Barbara. I also have a torium 20 that fits it perfectly. Both basically brand new
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    For Sale 17' Radon SLOBBERCHOPS for sale

    That’s now that sweet rig. Seen it up close and she sure is pretty. Anyone who gets this it, is dialed.
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    FREE Dick head scammer

    What’s the price? I’ve been lookin for a dickhead scanner :beerbang:
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    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    That’s just me in a bikini bro!
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    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    New owner is selling already.. no comment on pricing :oops:
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    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    Man..he came to the right place. Knows we all love boat shopping and we get to burn someone’s 100k? Do we all get a % of the boat too??! :cheers: