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    The Paragon

    Been there. Just not in the same dimensions..
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    Westport Tuna 30 July

    This is sounding a lot like the A7 "King" season
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    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    @Dash One So True! Maybe a good ol' Clorox vs Tin debate like old times eh Jay? I sure haven't stopped smartassing every post I can.. BTW! Have you checked your zincs lately? I hear welds CAN fail...
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    Welds broke on boat

    I wouldn't settle for anything less than another boat.
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    Welds broke on boat

    Yes but there were no modifications done to that boat.. LOL
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    Westport Tuna 30 July

    Inslee said Due to Covid-19 there will be no Tuna fishing off the WA coast
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    Found crab pot protocol

    I have been warned by WDFW once and that's all it took. I leave it alone.
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    WTB; 23-28' boat

    Don't listen to these guys! They're just spending your hard earned money. Get the boat you can afford. Then come back and post about how much fun you're having.. :Zombie_Ro
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    :hali_ruahahaha: nothing like that at all.. Sort of.
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    Barrracuda Spotted

    Didn't. We fished HARD for 3 days to land 1 keeper. We did have a great time staying out on Lopez though. Was there a Hewes Craft convention going on? At last count I had 9 that day. Great picture Geoff!
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    2019 parker 2120

    This may have been the funniest thread I ever read! Thanks everybody but especially @tdkguideservice You da man!
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    Gasp! A Area 7 Fish report!

    We Killed it July 3rd. All day rain and fish on every pass, but the 5th we stunk up the place with nearly a strike all day! Crazy start but keep chuggin! Great photos guys!
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    WP Slip available

    If I saw this a few weeks ago my summer plans would be completely different.
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    Don’t try this at home. Safety first

    How did you get the magnet up there??
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    Kicker comparison Prokicker vs. Yamaha

    I saved a bit of coin going to Oregon, but I don't mind a road trip. I did learn that some shops will give you better service if you bought it from them...