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    LONG! BOLA report, 7/23-8/1, eight days fishing

    BoLA provides...
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    Tesoro 10 and 12...uses...

    10 and 12 are the same. Cannot remember on the 5.
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    Tesoro 10 and 12...uses...

    10 and 12 are my go to surface iron reels. The 5 I use for b.... fishing (I cannot even bring myself to say the word...) :)
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    30lb UC rod recommendation

    Tilefish JR.
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    Not a Z but I use my inReach to talk to Ray when he is down at Hurricane bank. Amazing technology these days. So the Z should be very similar.
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    Vac + Chamber Sealers

    We use the VacMaster VP210 on our trips to Mexico. Pricey but well worth the final product that we get. Fish come home in pristine condition.
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    Favorite 10’ jigstick

    UC US100 Monster
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    Bahia de los Angeles

    Pedro at Cangrejos Sportfishing. You can look them up on Instagram. We fish there every year for a week at a time. Great accomdations, meals and the capt and boats are top notch.!
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    HXJ Raptor for BFT

    I would say it does not have enough line capacity.... BUT If you do decide to use it, spool it with 65# Pro Spec or MaxQ so you can get some of your capacity back. If memory serves mine holds about 400-425 yds of 65# Pro Spec.
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    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    Yeah, been looking at that. Thanks for your input... !
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    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    I know you right..!!! :)
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    Furthest you've fished on 1-3 day trip

    San Martin (When we could fish it..) on a 3 day aboard the AA. All surface iron fish for me and my homies..!! Great trip.
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    Memorial US80 Tilefish for Denise

    Amazing as always Jimbo..!!
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    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    I will never use yozuri pink again. Ever. I have had it break many times, always the same, right in the middle of the leader. I don't know how you guys are using this with success. Maybe you are not using a lot of drag, or longer leaders than I but had 60#, 80# and 100# break on me at the...
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    Offshore Kite fish question

    I would not have even attempted to take the kite fish if I had already caught 4. Pay it forward bro...