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    Aztec 1.5 on 8/9/20

    The Aztec is top notch for sure!! Better than most
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    7/17/20 Go Now

    What time were they biting? Thanks for the info
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    Shogun 1.5 Day 7-15-20

    Nice info, thanks. Glad you got them.
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    Go9 b175h help

    Following. I want to know about the settings on my G07. Not sure if you are joking as it looks like there are a shitload of fish on your screen.
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    BFT 6/26

    Where you using sardines, mackrel, or live flying fish for the flylined bait? Way to stick it out!
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    6/12/20 BFT from the 805 double post!

    Congrats on making it happen!!
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    SOLD Okuma Makaira 30IISea (Gunmetal) with matching rail rod

    I am interested!! Where are you located?
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    EPIC Aztec 2-day Report 8/26-8/28

    Great write up and you painted a very accurate picture of that awesome trip and crew. Yep I was the guy that lost the rod!!! Looking back, it was on me. I should have made sure that my rod was absolutely in you or the deckhands hand and got a verbal confirmation that one of you guys had it...
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    SOLD PCH Custom 9’ Deckhand Jig stick (cork puppy included)

    I am interested. Where in San Diego? I am in North county.
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    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    Wow nice Hoo. Tell be that you caught it on the bass rod behind you, looks like a Tranx!!!