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    Zilch - 277 to Cat, 8-12-18

    Thanks for the report and having a 17 montauk myself, that run is impressive.
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    The San Diego Boat Tuna Report 7/17/18

    Sounds like an epic day. That first pic of the tuna and tranx/teramar is classic. I have the 80mh and 8h with Tranx 400 and hoping to be in a similar photo soon.
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    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    Last 4 trips out to the 150 in my 17ft whaler produced NO YELLOWS on the boat. Had some decent bait and macks and it was a real treat watching boats around me hooked up .
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    How Many Boats Were @ the 150 6/11/15?

    I was out there today as well, had one on the line, then leader snapped, NICE. Hell, at least it wasnt one of my knots. Had enough of the crowd by 1045am. I just cant get all agro out there and squeeze in here and there. I try to give plenty of space and boating etiquette , but its tough whit...
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    Chief 2.5 day Questions!

    Chris, its been a few years since I've been out on charter boat since I purchased a skiff, what happened to the Indian, and I assume you are back in action in SD from Alaska ? was The Chief a prior boat in SF area ?
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    Which Rod for Revo Inshore?

    JB Saw this post and had a similar question for lexa 300. Already have a teramar mh, but heard good things about seeker. Lots of recommendations for the 809, but read your comments and checked out the Seeker Cory 807 and 808. Really like the 808, hooks under your arm really nice, well balanced...
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    Raahauge's Pheasant 1-2-2014

    Just might have to make a run out there. What I was meaning about hand planting was to take the pheasants out by myself and I usually take 4-5 pigeons out as well for training my 7 month Wirehaired pointing Griffon pup. Thanks for the info.
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    Raahauge's Pheasant 1-2-2014

    Invictus, is the club still doing the open shooting at 10am ? How's the cover ? Are you allowed to hand plant your own birds ? ( I have young pup and don't like to dizzy them up to much, they fly much better) I understand Mike R (R.I.P) has not ran the that portion of the club in quite some...
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    Catch Big Halibut tips and book

    Fished the wall yesterday morning 10/19 for some decent bass and even a nice sculpin. We thought about hitting the inside for halibut but just had bass gear,plastics,some dead squid but no real insight on fishing halibut except drifting on the bottom . Perfect timing for your book thread. At...
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    Saltist 20h,30h,30th and Calstar WC cork tape

    270h,6480,30h and 30th sold to LEGALIZEITThanks for the emails and texts.
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    Saltist 20h,30h,30th and Calstar WC cork tape

    Thanks Philip, and a cork puppy to boot. BTW, I just noted, I put WC 280-8, CORRECTION, 270-8 but you caught it. Thanks, Todd
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    Saltist 20h,30h,30th and Calstar WC cork tape

    For Sale Saltist have minor boat rash, although still in good condition. Calstar rods in good condition. Saltist 20h with 50# braid - $90 Saltist 30h with 50# braid - $90 Saltist 30th with 65# braid - $100 Calstar wc 280 - 8 $75 calstar wc 270h - 8 $75 Calstar wc 6480 - 8 $85 Having a...
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    WTB: Swarovski EL 10x42 Binos

    My father has a pair of Swarovski's and if I remember correctly they are what you are looking for. I will call him this morning and see he is willing to sell and IM. He was in banking, so his first question will be "how much" regardless if he wants to sell. LOL
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    cardiff 300 power handle

    I've had a power handle on my Cardiff for a few years. 50# power pro on teramar 8ft mh. I use that thing for all inshore fishing. I've been waiting for it to explode so I can get something else, but it just keeps on going. lol
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    Shimano Curado 300EJ $180

    sent pm. Thanks, Todd