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    Bait net/Pliers/Lure/hook holder

    i would guess around $40 but who knows anymore. is it difficult to get to the net with the tools installed?? also a tuna spike hole and/or a bait hook release. i have no idea if i'm totally not correct. what did the other guys say.
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    Bait net/Pliers/Lure/hook holder

    i'm older now myself but would buy one now. jim 805-452-3244
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    yamaha engine cowling and two new trailer tires

    bought this engine cowling to replace the one i cracked. blew the engine up the next week. replaced the motor but the cowling and the engine cover do not fit the the new style 150 four strokes. my old engine i think was a 2011. asking $450 for both the cowling and the cover...
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    Good deal on AIS radio

    big difference between a vhf/ais radio and then a giant step up to the ais 800. more power..25w. have a garmin vhf/ais radio and currently looking for a garmin ais 800.
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    Salt water Landing net $10

    if black net sale falls thru i will take it. 805-452-3244
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    ais ??

    i currently have a garmin 210 ais radio. has anyone had any experience with a garmin ais 600 transmitter?? jim 805-452-3244
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    Researching new boat build

    i thought the skagit orca 27 was a great boat. they are still making them in washington with outboard brackets. around 200k. we put a 1/2 tote where the engine was and two 225 hondas on the back. great riding boat. that being said, i went with a north river 25 and a 300 suzuki. 3 miles per...
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    Offshore gas for boat

    the problem seems to be fuel related problems are not warrantied. fine print. i fish in oregon 4 months of the year and with the humdity water is a problem . socal not as much but fuel mileage goes down. i am paying anywhere from $3.25 to $3.75 a gallon using a card lock fuel card. not finding...
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    Offshore gas for boat

    does anyone know where to purchase non-ethanol preminum gasoline??
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    Rod Building Cork

    do you have any rod butts??
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    rod caps

    need rod butts that fit shimano rods.