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    Calstar BT690J

    Oops, my mistake. I stand corrected.
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    Calstar BT690J

    It is a composite rod. The BT series is the designation of the blank. The GG series is the designation of that same blank factory wrapped.
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    Guadalupe fishing 2021

    I have fished the Lupe about 8Xs and I loved it every time. Although the GWs got some, they were never an issue. Guess it's all about timing. It's just good to have this option.
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    There back

    The smoke has cleared and they ended up with about 40 BFT 100 lbs +! WTG Capt. Matt and the INDY! This is Dec?:oops:
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    My 10 yr old son made a catch and cook video

    So, he's 10 yo, catches his own fish, fillets his own fish, cooks his own fish, and hosts the show. Is he for hire?
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    Chartering a sportie.

    There are many pros and cons of being a chartermaster of your own trip. Cons: -You are financially responsible for fronting the deposit and balance of the entire boat. -You are responsible for collecting the money from any passengers that sign up. Be aware that the ones closest to you will be...
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    If I used a swivel 3-4' above a coltsniper would it affect the action?

    No, it will not affect the action. Cast away!
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    What arm pit do you fish with?

    When fishing bait and winding in, right side. When fishing the rail, left side. Kinda weird, but that's what works for me.
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    10/2 full day on the "Grande"

    Ray, you said you were going get some dorado and... PRESTO!8-)
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    Catalina Trip Two Harbors-Bonito, calico, lobster

    A well produced video of your adventure. How fortunate you are to have a wonderful family and an island paradise in your backyard.:-)
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    Biters 10/30

    Great fishing! You might want to delete that Fishdope app pic. They really frown on that sort of thing.
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    Texas Checking On You

    Thanks Freddie for your concern. It's really bad all over the state right now. I live in LA and there are several out of control fires in our surrounding areas where the entire sky is filled with smoke. I can't imagine what it would be like with Santa Ana winds.
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    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Nice write up on a fun trip "Headless" Ray. Not many things better than a surface iron bite. Right buddy?:-)
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    SOLD diawa saltist 30 h

    Where are you located?
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    Spinner experts...advice on proper technique?

    I would suggest slowing down the line with your fingers before throwing the bail over. Essentially what's happening is that you are going from totally slack line to super tight which causes a ton of impact on your line. It's like dropping a bowling ball off a building with your line attached.