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    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    Pangolin stew is much better than rooster.:D
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    Longfins yet?

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    Into the Depths 6/16

    Fantastic! Big yellows too.
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    Oregon Offshore Software Testers Needed

    I sent the link to my Tillamook guide.
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    SOLD 1984 Valco Bayrunner 16' CC w/Yamaha 40hp San Diego

    There was a cover for the center console to hide the wiring. It flew off while trailering. It was just smoked acrylic.
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    SOLD 1984 Valco Bayrunner 16' CC w/Yamaha 40hp San Diego

    1984 16' Bayrunner aluminum center console. $4500 OBO 2010 Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke (all fluids changed, new impeller). About 800 hours on engine. Using synthetic Yamaha fluids (as previous owner did). Garmin GPS West Marine VHF Lights all work. Bilge pump and bait pump work. I installed an hour...
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    Online Mexican Fishing Licenses 2017

    Darn, same error Got Bait? says, "Service not available. / Servicio no disponible."
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    Oregon fishing

    Nice! How is the Fall King run so far? I'm fishing Tillamook early next month.
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    Garibaldi this weekend?

    I look for him several ways and never found him. He's for sure on FB and Linkedin.
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    Garibaldi this weekend?

    I fished Garabaldi with Pat Abel (guide service) last Thursday and Friday. We caught and released about 8-9 native Coho, and kept 3 9-12 lb hatchery Cohos. You might see if Pat is out there (ch 72 I assume).
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    San Quentin panga fishing

    If you can book with Capt. Kelly or one of his three sons (Oscar, George or Christian) you'll be in good hands.
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    Charter for 5- 6 folks in Ensenada

    I fish twice a year with Louie on his Parker (has a flying bridge). He's a ex-pat Los Angelino and also has a sports bar near the fish market (we meet him here the night before for the planning part of the trip). He also has some great Spotify play lists.