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    Rossman Wins at Asunción

    Thank you Shari! The clinic was a blast, and I was so glad I was asked to help out. I did send a piece on the clinic to WON, but maybe too wordy. I had no idea of the IFGA Passport to Fishing program, and it's an awesome thing that Gonzalo is taking that clinic to 37 events in Baja Sur this...
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    Rossman Wins at Asunción

    Asunción Tournament – The Rossman and the Sea The ‘Rossman’ with an armload of trophies and certificate of entry to the season championship to be held in Loreto later this year. Photo Credit: Shari Bondy Bahia Asunción hosted its leg of the Governor’s Cup Tournament series on July 15 in true...
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    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    That checkpoint has become an issue with theft and harassment. If anyone has issues, I suggest filing a complaint with the commandante at Guererro Negro or online. More pressure and they will have to address the ratas from the mainland that are now working that stop. Usually, they are fine and...
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    Susan & Carl's Surf Perch Derby 2018

    Cool write up and pics! Flash and I were sorry to miss it, we'll be there next year!
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    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    My thought exactly. Especially charters, one on deck and one in the house. Charters can be unruly and hard-drinking. I'm not saying this one was, but I like to see two crew up, sober and awake. MOB can be an issue with wobblers heading for the john in the wee hours and you really don't want to...
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    So, great whites prefer fatty seals. But how many fatty humans surf, swim & dive? I think the...

    So, great whites prefer fatty seals. But how many fatty humans surf, swim & dive? I think the theory is supported by incomplete data.