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    11/3 Yellowfinned Tuna

    Nice catch, November Tuna,
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    Tony Reyes first fishing trip this year in San Felipe

    San Lorenzo Island, 275 miles south if San Felipe
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    Tony Reyes first fishing trip this year in San Felipe

    quick report, it was a roller coaster for Tony Reyes fishing trip, tony did not get his permit until first week of July 2014, prior all the other trip have been cancel including my trip, finally Tony able get his permit, lucky enough 22 of us able to make it out to San Felipe to fish on the...
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    Lahaina in April

    yes i got a free trip and there was alots of fish around and saw a 500 plus lbs make swim around while we where fighing the fish
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    Lahaina in April

    I just got back from Maui, i was fishing on April 4 for six hour trip, caught a 669.4 lb Blue Marlin, the fishing there is very good right now, my other group caught yellowfin tuna and Mahi Mahi, and yes they did give my other group a full bag of Ahi for bar sashimi
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    669.4 lb Blue Marlin caught in Maui

    Just got back from Maui Island with my wife Carol, thank you, Start me Again boat company captain Duby and Deckhand Rob you guy are rock, we can not land this fish without you both. Thank you again David
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    669.4 lb Blue Marlin 4/4/14

    Thank you, Start me Again for the excellent fishing trip Captain Duby and deckhand Cosgrove, you guy are rock. Can not finish without you guys, looking forward going back fishing with them again, this fish take three hours to landed. Thanks David
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    Santa Monica Bay fishing adventures Jan./Feb. 2014 w-pics

    35 crab is limit and you need gauge to measure them, they are very tasty crab, i love eating them.
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    MDR Fish n' Bugfest 11/30 w-pics

    thank you Vince to invite me last minute, it was fun fishing and hooping with you always, seal is bad ,anyone love seal BBQ?
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    Captain Vince Red Drum did it again

    Vince have the magic touch, i love fishing with him, always have fun.
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    Captain Vince Red Drum did it again

    I was lucky enough got invite from Vince (Red Drum) for a night of hooping, it was so much fun with Captain Vince, we caught limit of rock fish and plenty Lobster for Thanksgiving. Thank you again Captain Vince
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    Puerto Lobos Slayfest 11/8 - 11/10 with pics...

    Vince that is very nice trip, i wish i was there with you, and man the weather look so good, you always kill them. WELCOME HOME
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    December is tough month to be in Rocky point. it is very windy and you will catch many smaller fish, no big fish around until April. Good Luck
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    Lucky Louie's Lobster Loveshack 10/26

    Good job Vince you are the man on hunt of lobster. nice goat.