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    Keeping bait alive in small bait tank

    You’ll wish you had more live bait at some time. Nursing an inferior tank is a losing battle. You lost 50% of $50. But it’s not just the money, it’s having precious bait when you need it, not a pile of deads in the back. It’s one of those things where you kick yourself after it’s done, mad you...
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    I tried to mod mine in my whaler. I made a drop-down hose with holes in it like a flute to try...

    I tried to mod mine in my whaler. I made a drop-down hose with holes in it like a flute to try and circulate the water. It helped for about 20 small baits, but no way for a scoop. I tried to round the corners. Nope. Made it too small. Still have a circulation problem as well. I even tried using...
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    Keeping bait alive in small bait tank

    The built-in live-well in my 170 whaler blows. 22 gallons and square. It’s got a 500gph pump to it but it doesn’t circulate. It sprays from the top. Overflow center post. I don’t use it. Ive Got a 22g oval kodiak with a 750gph mounted on the transom. My bait NEVER dies and it’s stuffed and gets...
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    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Holy crap. Bunch of sport-boat babies arguing like children. Enjoy your 3x a year holding your breath. I’ll be out 50x, mask-free and unvaccinated. 🤣🤣
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    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Passport. Mex fish license. Insurance from a Mexican carrier.
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    Islands Santa Barbara Island late report 4/2

    Most of you babies won’t take your boats out 55 miles. So, shut up.
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    Fish weather..

    I’m going.
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    Transom mount bait pumps tip

    For $20 I just change it out, running or not. Keep a couple spares under the console. I’ve had no better luck with rule than other cheap brands. My 1100 Sahara burned out after one season, and it was just a bilge, so seldom used. I also back a garden hose through the line to the pump and push...
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    Fish weather..

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    Fish weather..

    Looks like a small weather window. If there’s swell coming down, I go to the bottom on Ana and work up the back. On the way home from the gap is easier downhill.
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    Remington 1100 20g LEFT HAND

    Early 70s. Super condition. Cycles perfect. Sat in closet for 30 years. Maybe 5 boxes through it. Message for pics. $1,500.
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    Newport Beach launch ramp

    Davies area is a shithole. Newport 100%. The homes and boats you can’t afford are worth the extra time out.