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    Helium balloons?

    36" Balloons is who I've been using. US made latex balloons, super durable and under $5.00 for a 2 pack. (Not quite as cheap as Ali, but then, well....)
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    5/31/2020 Super Cow

    <Note to self: Put block and tackle on boat.> Holy smokes guys! That's the definition of "Fish of a Lifetime". Great story, great catch, awesome job all around!
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    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    Enforcement Officer: "Can I see all of your ID's please?" Enforcement Officer: "You have different last names and different addresses." Enforcement Officer: "Do not pass GO! Do not go fishing. Pay a fine." Somehow I don't think they're gonna buy it when you say you all live in the same house...
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    8/24 226/302/corner

    Is that a new show on cable? Sign me up! barf
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    Capsized Parker

    Didn't see her in the water. I don't monitor 72 anymore... too much of a $h!t show. It was almost comical on 16 hearing the number of boaters reporting the capsized boat. (But good on 'em for taking the time to do so!) Each time the coasties patiently replied that they were aware of the capsized...
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    YFT Chum? Anything other than live stuff?

    Couple things I do: 1. Save any leftover bait. Bag it and freeze it. It becomes chunk and/or chum in the chum buddy next time out. 2. Every once in a while I lift the fill tube out of the bait tank a few inches to flush the tank. All the scales in the bottom of the tank flush out the outlet for...
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    Parker MPG on 2520

    I've got a 2530 with dual 225's. I get a consistent 1.3 mpg avg.
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    Your favorite way to prepare yellowfiIn?

    Hard to pick a favorite: Seared sesame crusted Sashimi Poke Smoked (as is or turned into a killer cream cheese spread. Also try the smoked tuna for tuna salad.) Grilled
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Good job on responding to the mayday call. Good on you for offering up assistance. Somebody up thread mentioned tapered wood plugs. That's a good call, but I also carry extra toilet wax rings. They're malleable enough to mold to fit a hole and plug it up quickly and sticky enough to stay in...
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    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I wondered if this was going to be the case, that the graphic image used to indicate said green space was simply put in the wrong place. I indicated such in my letter to the Port. Regardless, it is wise to call out such discrepancies and make sure our voices are heard. Here's what I sent, and...
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    Lost rod and reel at Coronados

    When I was 9 or 10 years old, fishing on a fishing dock at a local lake, I accidentally kicked my setup into the water. I was so bummed knowing my ride didn't come until that afternoon. Some guy on the dock said go tell the ranger, he's got a grappling hook. Sure enough, third drop and up comes...
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    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    Oh my God... No sh!t, right? Can you say "clueless"?
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    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    WET-O's. It's a double entendre. When pronounced in proper Spanglish, it depicts the ethnicity of the guys who are usually fishing on her. (The correct spelling of the Spanish word is 'Guerro'.) I'll let you guess at the other meaning. Hey drewski, what about something like "3 degrees port"...
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    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    A. Good on you for actually picking up the line and not just leaving it there to wrap around someones prop shaft. B. What are the odds that there would still be a fish on that hadn't been macked by a sea lion? C. And you kept on pulling on that line after you'd already lost the fish. D...
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    Are you calling me Yellow? Punching well above our weight class at Cat Isl.

    I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have that much fun with a spinning rod.