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    Thoughts on Pen Fathom II Star Drag 25N or 30

    Yeah Rene on the Shogun watched I’ll all go down . Definitely be taking my trini 20a’s next time
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    Searcher 10-31 - 11-8

    Lurking 😂
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    Searcher 10-31 - 11-8

    Hooicide bomb in pink and purple along with the Pink and the green ones they sell at Seaforth
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    Searcher 10-31 - 11-8

    I was getting on the Shogun the day you were getting off the boat . We ended our trip with 13 Wahoo I was able to snag 4 of them on bombs . Heard what happened hope everyone on your trip is well
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    Spots open on PENN-sponsored 7-day aboard Shogun Dec. 4-11

    I was on the trip that returned this morning the bite was full speed on them YT from 2-3 a.m . We got 210 that first night at the bank
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    Thoughts on Pen Fathom II Star Drag 25N or 30

    My 25N lasted 3 wahoo before the handle broke off fighting the 4th casting bombs. Never had any problems with my Penn’s other than that
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    Political BS 20 visa

    I went with 100 hollow
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    Political BS 20 visa

    Just added the 20visx to the quiver. Got a 198 on the 12 and just getting ready for those big girls
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    SOLD Makaira SEa ( Price Drop )

    Enjoy the reel TrixKelley 🤙
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    WTB Invictus Rail rod

    Still looking
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    Going out on the San Diego full day boat

    You should be good . That fathom is the shit . I got a 150lb YF at Guadalupe with one and came nowhere near getting spooled