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    More of Nor Cal geese

    Nice haul! It must take quite a while to put out all those decoys.
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    Wister 12-30-20

    Great report Jeff, I felt like I was reliving our hunt!
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    Texas Meat Run

    I just returned home on Saturday evening from my annual venison run to Fredericksburg, Texas. Having access to private property gives me and four of my old Navy comrades a great opportunity to fill our tags during the first week of December. I didn't get a trophy buck this year but I managed to...
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    Last day luck!

    Congrats! That's a nice buck for sure.
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    Time to go hog hunting

    Congratulations Bob! At a young 68 years I plan to hunt as long as I can. I look forward to seeing photos of your birthday hunt at 80! Good on ya!
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    Moms gives in

    Wow! That's a nice thick necked mature buck. Congrats to your son!
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    Retirement hunt!!

    Oh yeah, she's happy! Good times
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    North Carolina Black Bear

    North Carolina has one of the largest black bear populations in the lower 48 and is known for having some of the largest bears in North America along it's coastal plain. Hell, even Jim Shockey went to NC for a black bear hunt. I was in a very good area with limited access because of private...
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    North Carolina Black Bear

    I've been wanting to hunt black bear for a while but the opportunity never presented so I decided this was the year to get it done. My wife and I flew back to North Carolina for a week long vacation in the Smokey Mountains and I snuck in a bear hunt on opening day. Well, I can now check off...
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    San Jacinto Opening Day

    It was indeed a very tough hunt and a long day without much opportunity. Hopefully our next draw location will provide better results.
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    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    Hahaha, yeah shooting 3" shells in rapid succession can get brutal in a non gas operated gun. I've got my Beretta A400 as primary with a Remington 1100 as backup so I'm good for waterfowl. I'm not looking for anything specific right now, I just decided I didn't need five 12 gauge shotguns. As...
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    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    Okay,,, that took all of two minutes!! I'll send you a PM
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    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    I've used this shotgun as a loaner/backup on duck hunts but I no longer need it. Has a matte finish barrel and receiver with removeable choke. Chambered for 2 3/4" & 3" shells. Not interested in shipping. Yours for $175.00 plus DROS fees at FFL.
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    For Sale RCBS 2-Die Set 270 Weatherby Magnum & Brass

    I sold the rifle but I still have the RCBS full length dies and about 40+ pieces of Weatherby (Norma) brass taking up space in my reloading locker. $35.00