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    Royal Star Albacore

    I thought Albacore came from a can. I'm confused now.
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    Offshore A different day

    Went to the 371, a bit south almost to upper hidden, out west of 371, up towards 302 on Saturday. Dragged around a dtx minnow and a cedar plug for nada. Saw lots of birds, porpoise, some whales, a big sunfish, no tuna. But, the water looked clean, lots of life. It's gonna happen soon.8-)
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    Food recs for offshore

    A big bowl of dicks. Get fishing
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    Offshore Deep drop surprise

    Mmmmmmm. Yummy. Congratulations, enjoy. Such a delicious fish you want to gorge on it, just go for it, blow that toilet up
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    I've had them slurp down a bomb on 130 and got snipped clean. Same thing with 200, but brought in the skin with frayed, shredded leader. Im partial to tge heavier line now, but not afraid of tying straight to 50 (unless its my last Capt jimmy bomb).
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    Cow Reels

    Better have a T-Rex hook. You don't need that much drag. More pulled hooks. Any 30 sized reel has enough drag, add spectra and topshot, enough capacity. Use a bigger reel for more capacity. Drag pressure doesn't really change much at strike. Tuna isn't a structure fish, where's it gonna go? To...
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    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    I've fished several of the LR boats. After spending the last 2 years doing the PB thing, I can tell you they are all awesome. Albeit, I'm partial to the big X Tight lines, have fun
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    Stick baits and poppers

    Fast and faster
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    Shogun crew possible OD.

    It does put a little spin on the term "drift boat" ya gotta admit
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    Offshore What island is this?

    That's Margarita Island. If you look closely you can see the casino and little bordello right next to it
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    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    I have no clue why you're fishing alone. I'd be happy to boat ho with you just for the commentory. Watched video again, ROTFLMAO. You got my vote, run for governor