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    Cell service in Westport

    I've heard Tmobile is getting better as they integrate all the Sprint networks over the next few years.
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    Cell service in Westport

    3G? You can't even watch porn with 3G can you? 😁
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    Cell service in Westport

    I switched from Verizon to T mobile a while back because I spend a lot of time on lake Roosevelt and had zero service except right at the dam. So far coverage has been decent in areas 3-4. Had three bars on swiftsure a few weeks ago. I’ve yet to find anything that works on the tuna grounds.
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    Who is headed West to A4 this weekend?

    You guys weed out all the small ones this weekend. I’ll come up and take care of the big boys next weekend.
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    Time to sell your boat

    The salmon seasons are already pretty restrictive so salmon fishing is definitely not the biggest factor I base boat ownership on.
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    Gas or Electric

    I smoke a shit ton of meat and have had several smokers in the past ten years. The best setup I’ve come up with is a large propane master built that I run on natural gas. Usually you need to drill out the orifice to convert to natural gas but I just hooked it up as is and it can smoke/cook...
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    Electrical engineering in the Field

    I towed a group of guys in that were dead in the water ten miles off shore last year. They had no battery at all in the boat. They had one of those Harbor Freight jump starters in the boat with the jumper cables clamped to the battery cables. I try not to judge but that is just way outa pocket...
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    South Korean electric reels

    I told the wife I want a Banax 1000 for father's day. After hearing the feedback here and reading/watching reviews for a week, it really looks like a solid reel. I know it'll be great for bottom fishing but I'm also interested to see how useful it will be for tuna.
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    That argument makes no sense. Yes guns and cash are used for illicit activities but it’s much less than 1% of the instances of use. Around 70% of crypto currency transactions are for illegal activities. For me it’s not just the fact that it’s illegal but it’s the unbelievable brutality that...
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    South Korean electric reels

    I’m looking at getting a pair of the 7000BM models pretty hard. The 1000’s look pretty damn nice too.
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    South Korean electric reels

    I’ve read lots of reviews on them and the only real complaint I see is that the instructions are only in Korean.
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    South Korean electric reels

    After getting my ass kicked all weekend reeling up and down halibut rigs I’m looking at switching to electric reels. I’ve seen very little talk on here about the ones made in Korea but what is reported seems mostly positive. Are the budget friendly Banax or Silstar-Primmus any good for an...
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    Saltwater No Halibut Reports??

    Took the old boat out for one last trip as it was full of fuel. Fished out of Neah Bay Saturday and Sunday. Picked up a few chicken butts and some nice rockfish.
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    Salmon Bellies for halibut bait

    I decided to brine up the ones I had that were a little freezer burned with a bunch of herring. They seem to look ok so I’ll give them a shot.
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    Upholstery repair in Westport

    I bought a sewing awl years ago at the recommendation of an apholstery guy. I’ve made so many repairs over the years to canvas and boat enclosures. They cost twenty bucks and it’s very easy to make professional looking repairs.