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    Rod Wrapping bench

    Had to go out of town - couldn’t follow up with those of you that responded- this bench is still available and it’s free and I need it gone- hit me up and we’ll make arrangements- in Seal Beach
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    Rod Wrapping bench

    babachu submitted a new listing: Rod Wrapping bench - Rod Wrapping bench Learn more about this listing...
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    Rod Wrapping bench

    Custom built rod wrapping bench approximately 10' long- built to attach directly to the wall- was built to fit wall to wall so the ends are not finished-oak with several drawers- you come get it and its yours-located in Seal Beach -mess me at 626-203-3302
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    Offshore Saturday July 2nd. (4) Medium sized Bluefin Tuna.

    We were out as well and thought it was interesting that the fish were moving south- tried everything from the slow troll to bait to poppers and flat falls- thanks for the insight
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    Kencor GPOS 900MC Spiral Graphite

    looking for one of these=blank or complete rod in good condition
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    New Custom Rods

    Cris, I used the 3/32" butt cord (colored grips) and the black tarred seine tuna cord on the black grips
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    My Old Boss 197 Needs Service? Where?

    ...also, if there are any updates to your reels Accurate will usually install them as well
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    Pinion Gear for Shimano TLD 25

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there are two possible pinion gears for this reel. I checked the schematic and only one was listed, tld0168, but when I tried to change it out, the new gear I received had an ID that was larger than the shaft it rides on, and the gear OD was larger as well. Any...
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    Yellowtail Fish Wars LA (Video)

    i'd be shopping for torpedos on the black market after a day like that!
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    KP Jig Rig / Bucket

    Thanks for the info
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    KP Jig Rig / Bucket

    Anyone have one of these lying around that you're not using- would be interested in purchasing one if one is available.
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    I upgraded to a new boat!

    Makes me want to enlist lol
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    Headed out this morning with Duane on the Parker-he hooked us up with some primo dines-three stops later around 9:30 we were done-considering three of the four on board were first timers, we did really good and only farmed 3 fish, one to the prop- I've fished with Jamie and Duane before, and...
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    Offshore Corner. 8/23

    Check out shows all the spots you see mentioned
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    Free Furniture

    Full size sofa, queen size futon with thick mattress and wood frame, lateral file cabinets (2), small oak shelving unit, small end tables-in Chino-need gone by next Friday-you pick up and I will help you load. If you're interested let me know and I'll send pics 626-203-3302 or [email protected]