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    Help identify this fish?

    I heard someone call them gopher rockfish, anybody else hear that before?
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    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    Deeper the water, bigger the fish?
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    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    Springfield or Glock? Kind of new to the gun show. Mako is delicious 😋
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    Carnage at Catalina?

    Thanks brotha. Any intel on what side of the island (east or west) will have better chances for yellowtails. Asking for a friend :p
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    Carnage at Catalina?

    Sorry, none report Anybody now if the Carnage is at Cat today? Going on Sunday and would like to get squid. Thanks
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    Sorry for the late response. Thursday was a bit slow, but we had a steady pick on smallish calicos. All you wanted bonito when you hit a school. No luck on the yellowtail and didn't see anyone having luck either. We might've missed the morning bite. We hooked up to one of the biggest calicos...
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    Thanks fellas :-)
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    I've been hearing that lately. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe start on the east and work my way up?
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    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    Going tomorrow to Catalina out of Long Beach. What do guys recommend, front or back / east or west? Open to suggestions. Thanks fellas. Haven't been at all this year and I'm excited, but I know the wind has been rough the last few days. So your expertise is highly appreciated.
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    Bait boat helped us hook some fish during slack tide

    Good tip. I learned that from an old timer who taught me that the oil island boats create the same conditions in Long Beach Harbor. Just wait for them to dock and start fishing. Sand bass city.
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    Offshore Super Cow 11/1/9

    More pics please! :rockin:
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    Easy Trigger - DP 11.02.19

    Trigger fish on the right. That being said, I have never caught or eaten a trigger. My calico fillets look like the ones on the left. Maybe I just need a new knife. Lol
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    Offshore Salty met Elvis...epic day

    So, Elvis really was a slobpig:. Good job guys.
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    Offshore T-Bird 9/8 Limits of YFT

    Gnarly brotha. Good job!