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    Aluminum vs stainless steel prop

    Just had to replace my aluminum (turning point) prop after I ran over something. I cracked and bent one of the blades. If I had a ss prop might have blown out lower unit.
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    MB Launch ramp under attack again

    In an article in Monday mornings SD Union a nimby group wants to dump the homeless rvs into the south shores launch ramp parking lot. Even now it’s a disaster zone of shit filled bathrooms and low life trash hanging around this lot. If these turds who advocate using our launch ramp as a homeless...
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    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Who did you order the trolling motor from?
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Was out there last week had the same luck as you. Current, wind, swell made it difficult to stay on my spot. Tried the sock before and it helps but when you have to circle back its a hassle to keep hauling it in and out. My next big purchase is going to be a trolling motor with spot lock...
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    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Thoughts on if it is worth the extra money to get AGM batteries for a 24v or 36v trolling motor. Weight and size lighter or smaller?
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    June - Fishing near Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina

    For sure bring a rod/reel two piece travel 7' with 100 size baitcaster or spinner. Its all about the tide in the bay, go as weedless as possible.
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    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Alex, thanks for the tips that I wouldn’t of even thought about.
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    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    Damn, didn't think about a backorder issue. Thanks for the advice.
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    Trolling Motor spot lock?

    I am thinking about buying a trolling motor for my 18' center console. The primary interest is to use spot lock inshore off La Jolla/Pt Loma. Tired of current and wind moving me off my spot and having to circle back constantly. My question is will (for example) a Minnkota 24v keep my boat in...
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    I’ve been giving sp a whirl recently. Like your idea of getting together sometime. Maybe some of us could meet at a launch ramp in sd bay or mission bay and fish La Jolla or Pt Loma.
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    Inshore Anchoring off Carlsbad State Beach

    Camp there often and have never seen someone try that one. I have docked my boat at Oside harbor before at foot rate. If surf isnt bad thought about using an inflatable yak to get out to the kelp right past the surf zone. Have seen guys catching calico off sup boards there. Surf fishing can be...
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    Agree with R&R. I don't think anyone is stirring up shit just by trying to find out the status of an event that all of us love. In my opinion it has been strangely silent about the future of the company and its current structure/ownership. When Bart Hall called into the local weekend radio show...