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    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    Actually you are just wiping the moisture from the fish which helps with the cutting process. And you wipe your knife with the towel to make sure it is clean from the small scale and slime from the previous cut. Sushi restaurant wraps it in towel and saran wrap and tightly not to let air...
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    Lou if you need one I got an extra one. I got 6 of them hanging on the wall. 4 original and 2 of the JRI ones
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    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    Here are some pictures from the Star. I will post food only until i get permission from the other members to post there pictures. Eddie when you going to go back on? Fished with you 2 years ago.
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    TESORO a TRINIDAD "Killer" just like Galaxy to Iphone?

    I have caught a 137lbs BFT on the Tesoro 12s pair with an PCH 801xh. The reel did what is was meant to do with the gear inside. After taking it into Okuma everything checked out fine just need some lubing.
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    Bluefin reels for San Diego 2020 summer season

    I guess I will be ready for my 7 day in 5 day. The 12 and 16 visx should be able to handle most of the fish.
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    Kite rig leader ?
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    SOLD Okuma Tesoro 12S $250

    Used for 1 season. Has 2 small scratches on either side of the plate. Comes with 400-450 yards of 65 powerpro maxquatro. $250 Come with the box and if need shipped add $10.
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    SOLD UC Mega, Tilefish, Okuma Komodo's and Andros

    Bump. Lower the price on the Komodo with Tiburon handle and Andros 5II. Steal prices!